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Pet Diabetes Video Series

Dr. Ruth MacPete Pet Diabetes Series on YouTube

Cat: Vaccinations

Most veterinarians agree that cats should be vaccinated against diseases that are widespread, cause serious illness, or are highly contagious. These vaccines are called “core” vaccines.

Cat: Traveling

Going on vacation? Cats are creatures of routine, so as much as you can keep your cat’s
lifestyle stable. Ideally, keep your cat at home as cats feel safest and most comfortable in their familiar environment.

Cat: Toxoplasmosis

It is a disease caused by a parasite (Toxoplasma gondii). Cats acquire the parasite by ingesting infected prey or raw meat.

Cat: Selecting a cat for adoption

We are happy that you have decided to add a cat to your household. There are many lovely cats to choose from—ranging greatly in age and temperament. Before selecting a cat, it is best to think about what type of cat would best fit into your lifestyle.

Cat: Scratching Posts

Cats scratch on things for two reasons: to shed their claws and to mark their territory. To save
your furniture from damage, you need to provide your cat with a scratching post or two and teach him how to use it.

Cat: Recognizing and Managing Pain

Recognizing pain in animals is notoriously difficult. Not every animal responds to the same type of pain with the same behavior. Some animals may be vocal and others more withdrawn. Cats,
in particular, are very good at hiding pain and illness.

Cat: Playing with your cat

The most common reported form of aggression towards guardians in young indoor cats involves play aggression with unsolicited attacks, anywhere from light scratches to hard uninhibited skinbreaking bites.

Cat: Moving with your cat

When introducing any cat into a new home, there is one thing all cats need—time to adjust to his
new space. You can make the adjustment period shorter by letting your cat get to know his new home slowly.

Cat: Mental Enrichment

Satisfies cat’s predatory drive, increases physical fitness, and encourages cats to play