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Puppy Socialization: How You Do It and When It’s the Right Time

You have a brand new puppy in your home. Congratulations! There’s a joy that a new puppy brings that makes the addition memorable and impactful. It also comes with a new set of responsibilities, one of which includes socializing them properly and at the right time. > Read More from The Larimer County Humane Society

Dog: Puppy Socialization

Socialization is the process by which your puppy learns to be comfortable with all the things in her environment. If this sounds like a big project, it is.

Dog: Play biting and mouthing

The sheer amount of biting and mouthing your puppy subjects you and your clothing to can be
shocking, even a little alarming. The good news, however, is it’s normal and healthy behavior,
and not in any way an indication your puppy will grow up to be aggressive.

Dog: Puppy Chew Training

Chewing is a normal and important activity for puppies and adult dogs. Lifetime habits form early and puppies need guidance in learning what is theirs to chew and what is not.

Dog: Independence Training

You probably want to spend every moment with your puppy, but that can give you problems if you ever hope to leave your puppy home alone. Dogs are intensely social, and your puppy has spent his life so far in the constant company of his mom and littermates.

Dog: House training your puppy

Puppies become house-trained at different speeds, depending on size and anatomy, and on
how diligently you stick to the house-training routine. Allow anywhere from a few weeks to
several months for your puppy to be fully house-trained.

Dog: Handling your puppy

Teaching your puppy to enjoy being handled is essential to a happy, safe, and convenient life with her now and as she grows.

Dog: Crate Training Your Puppy

A crate is a terrific investment for a number of reasons. A crate can help you with:
House-training: Teaches your puppy to keep the home clean.
Chew training: Stops your puppy from chewing anything except legitimate chew toys.
Settling: Encourages your puppy to settle down when he’s alone.
Kenneling: Your puppy may need to stay in a crate during travel or a hospital visit.