Fear Free Practice

Looking after your pet’s physical and emotional wellbeing

Here at The Vets Animal Hospital we are dedicated to ensuring that your pet has the most relaxed and positive experience possible while in our clinic. We have staff members trained and certified in Fear Free and practice numerous Fear Free tactics to improve your pets visit.

What is Fear Free?
Fear Free provides programs and courses to veterinary professionals to give them the tools to look after both a pet’s physical and emotional wellbeing. By closely listening to the needs of pet owners, Fear Free has become one of the single most transformative initiatives to reduce fear, anxiety, and stress in pets when they visit their veterinarian.

What to expect at our clinic:
>A species specific examination room to keep your cat or dog comfortable and calm in their space.
We will always provide the option for you and your pet to wait in your car until the doctor is ready, to avoid checking in at our reception desk while other pets are in the waiting area.
>You can always expect to see a non-slip yoga mat and pheromone infused towel for every visit with us. This way your pet is comfortable and confident during the exam.
>We always have pheromone diffusers specific to either your dog or cat running in our exam rooms.
We also have pet friendly music playing to work its effects on calming the central nervous system of your pet while in the clinic with us.
>When the doctor or technician enters the room you can expect them to keep eye contact with you instead of your pet to encourage your pet to feel safe and not like all eyes are on them.
>We wear calming colors to reduce anxiety for your pet as soon as they walk in our door.
Whenever possible, exams and procedures are performed in the exam room so you can be there to keep your pet calm and reassured.
>If necessary we prescribe anti-anxiety medications for animals if needed.
>And of course we will give MANY delicious treats!

How to prepare your pet for the vet:

>Hungry is good! Give your pet a reduced meal size before visiting the vet. This prevents nausea in the car and encourages them to be more receptive to the treats at the vet!
>Bring your pet’s favorite treats or canned food with them for their visit.
>Bring your pet’s favorite toys or grooming brush to the vet.
>Bring an item that smells like home: This can be a blanket they sleep on or a t-shirt you’ve worn. This is an awesome way to make your pet feel more calm and like they are in a place where they belong.
>Make sure to give potty breaks before leaving (unless told otherwise by your vet)

Ready to leave for the vet? Here’s how:

>Your pet should voluntarily enter the crate or carrier you will be transporting them in. Make sure to allow your pet to load themselves in the carrier or crate 5-10 minutes before you intend on leaving for the vet.
>Make sure to give anti-nausea or anti-anxiety to your pet (if prescribed)
>Always keep your dog on a leash, even when you get out of the car to go in the vet office
>Try to minimize movement of the crate and carriers while carrying and loading in the car. Carry them close to your chest like the fragile gift they are!
>Prepare your car to provide a calming environment to start the trip to the vet off right. Create a comfortable temperature in the car before loading your pet. Spray pheromones or lavender 10-15 minutes before loading in the car.
>Play calming music composed for dogs and cats or an audiobook while traveling.
>Secure their carrier and/or pet seat belt. Carriers are best secured behind the passenger seat on the floor board or in the hatch of SUV’s. Carriers and crates should be placed on non-slip surfaces to prevent them from sliding around to keep your pet calm.
>Watch your tone of voice. Use more of a matter-of-fact voice instead of a sing-song voice.
>Drive carefully. Try to keep a longer following distance to reduce hard braking, take corners slower, and try to accelerate slower.
>Avoid feeling rushed. If you are rushed and anxious, your pet will be too.
With a little effort, most pets can have a pleasant and even ENJOYABLE visit at The Vets Animal Hospital. We can’t wait to see you and your furry friend soon!