Category: Dog Handling

Dog: Will baby make four?

Do you have a bundle of joy on the way? Congratulations! Introducing a newborn baby into your home is a big change for the entire family, including the family dog. However, a baby on the way shouldn’t mean an eviction notice for your dog.

Dog: Training Philosophy

Like people, dogs perform better when they are reinforced for their achievements. Rewards
maintain the motivation and build a positive human-animal bond.

Dog: KONG Stuffing

Dogs are genetically programmed to hunt for their food. A prime reason for behavior problems is that, unlike working dogs, companion dogs get so few mental challenges or tasks to solve.

Dog: Kids and Dogs

Adopting a dog “for the kids” is an unrealistic expectation. Children cannot be solely responsible for dogs. They can learn to participate in the responsibilities of dog care and commit to longterm care of the dog.

Dog: Keeping small dogs safe in the city

Collar and harness. Small dogs need to wear a properly fitted collar they can’t slip out of,
such as a martingale-style collar. For dogs that pull on leash, an anti-pull harness is a good

Dog: Head halter exercises

Teaching your dog to love his head halter makes your walks much more enjoyable for you and your dog. It’s well worth a little work at the outset to avoid having your dog stop many times during a walk to paw at his halter.

Dog: Crate Training Your Adult Dog

First, you need to give your dog a chance to get used to the crate. You can’t just throw him in
there and hope he adjusts; that would be traumatic for most dogs.

Dog: Basket Muzzle

When your dog is properly introduced to the muzzle, it can make him more relaxed and
comfortable during the behavior modification program—or anything else your dog may not like.

Dog: Alone time training game

This game is the first step toward being able to leave your dog alone without setting off his
anxiety. The key is to go slowly and keep it fun.